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Sexlover962: How you did NOT get caught and at least thrown out, let alone actually arrested, is beyond me.

Cucurina: because you have a small penis

Anacock Skywalker: Jesus, savage! Somebody say Lord of the Flies? 'Coz Piggy just got fucking murdered

Anacock Skywalker: And yh, why the fuck would you make that tiny dick your profile pic? Christ that's embarrassing... My fucking cat is better endowed than that cocktail sausage of a shlong... Looks like you grabbed a kids-sized icecream cone, overflowing with gone-off chocolate gelato and fucked it cream-first up you're bare urethra, if I woke up tomorrow with that 'sword', hello makeup and high-heels coz I'm a fucking woman now, Jesus I'd tell you to delete it but that shit needs fucking napalm

Fthissite: grow a dick you hairy son of a bitch

Cozmo2002: Niggas was jus tryna eat chicken

Getoffmyinternet: STAY HOME

Theradbrad1: What KFC has regular fries instead of potatoe wedges because I want to know :joy:

Crapfacr: Lots of people are starving and y’all letting the food get cold ?

Petr78: Now that is finger lickin’ good

Thefbiguy: What the hell is this I thought this was a kfc and cream pie mukbang

Lemenstir: Yo I'm fucking eating chicken please stop

Brown1520: I'd love to have her

Overlord Salvador: Very beautiful girl!!

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